Revista Romana de STOMATOLOGIE - Romanian Journal of Stomatology, Vol. LXI, Nr. 3, An 2015
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Premiul Societatii pentru autori

Incepand cu 2016, Societatea Romana de Stomatologie ofera Premiul Societatii - pentru autorii celor mai bune articole stiintifice publicate [...]

Plagiatul – in actualitate

Tema plagiatului este tot mai mult discutata in ultima vreme. Aparitia unor programe performante de cautare si identificare a similitudinilor intre texte [...]




Mandibular symphysis (MS) morphology is a valuable diagnostic and treatment-planning tool in orthodontics. It is utilised as a reference measure for esthetic purposes, specifically in the lower part of the face, as well as to predict the direction of the mandibular growth rotation as the vertical growth direction. The aim of the presenting study is to use cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to evaluate the MS morphology and dimensions of adults with different vertical facial patterns and had no previous orthodontic treatment. The study consisted of 100 subjects (42 males and 58 females). Mean age of subjects is 27.6 years (average age of men 29.2 years, average age of women 26.4 years). The CBCT images were obtained by Scanora 3D. The evaluation of the different vertical facial patterns was carried out according to Björk and Jarabak. Six lines, four angles and one area were used in the mandibular symphysis study. The study revealed varying correlations between the parameters of the mandibular symphysis and those of the vertical facial patterns. It was found that the convexity of the mandibular symphysis (B-POG-Me) and the distance from POG to the z-axis (POG-Z Axis) are highly correlated to the parameters evaluating the vertical facial patterns. The angle between the Gonion-Nasion line and the mandibular plane (GO2-Angle) and the angle between the palatal and mandibular planes (B-Angle) were highly correlated to the measurements used on the mandibular symphysis.

Keywords: cone beam computed tomography, CBCT, mandibular symphysis morphology, mandibular symphysis dimensions, vertical facial patterns

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